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Uneven Leg Length

Most uneven leg length originates from a functional disorder, actual structural leg length imbalances are very rare. This functional break down arises from muscles of the hip, waist and back (and some neighbouring muscles) becoming chronically contracted, causing the leg on one side to shorten because the hip of the same side is hiked up.

Clients that visit Somatic Living often complain of a lack of co-ordination and that they frequently fall. More often than not these clients display a leg length discrepency, yet in some cases they are quite unaware of the fact. Through the slow mindful movements of Hanna Somatic Education (HSE), clients learn how to regain control of the habitually contracted muscles that are causing this imbalance and often pain. The educative procedure helps the client to recognize unconscious tension patterns, how they impact upon their movement and together between client and practitioner, how to release them.

Through the assisted movements clients will often notice an instant change to not only the length of their legs but also the level of their hips (balanced), the position of their back (less arched), co-ordination (more control) and their walking pattern (lighter/easier). This is supplemented by daily home exercises which if performed regularly will not only prevent the recurrence of the issue but also bring about further improvement.

Here is a list of symptoms or issues that might be affected by uneven leg legnth which Hanna Somatic Education (HSE) can help to relieve or resolve. Please contact your Doctor if you are unsure if a movement type education like HSE is appropriate for your needs or alternatively contact us at Somatic Living.

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