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Hanna Somatic Testimonials & Reviews


 After many years of struggling to find a solution to a long term back problem I began a period of somatic sessions under Jonathan Hunt's guidance. As a consequence of following the programme the resulting effect on my life has been dramatic and transformational. After living for a long period with continual pain and restricted movement I am now able to live a pain-free existence and am gradually beginning to undertake exercises that would have been unthinkable for the past seven years. As I have progressed I have met Jonathan every few months and Jonathan has developed the programme of exercises to allow my improvement to continue. I would recommend Jonathan to anyone looking to improve thier physical well-being. 

David Sage -  Birmingham.

 I experienced a remarkable difference after my first session and my problematic shoulder has not dislocated since that day; it feels much more stable and I have regained a much fuller range of movement again. I am so delighted that Jonathan gave me the tools to use daily to improve the way I use my body and I can continue to use those tools for the rest of my life. I can honestly say that seeing Jonathan was the best thing I have ever done for myself.

Emma Brazier - Dressage Rider.

I came to somatics and Jonathan after struggling with lower back pain for some considerable time. Jonathan was very supportive throughout the sessions and explained all my exercises in detail. The aim is to give you the tools to increase bodily awareness and break bad habits, and certainly the taught exercises have acheived this. The lower back pain has gone and the exercises have improved my awareness. I have been recommending somatics to others, and Jonathan in paticular.

Jenny Donaldson - London.

After just three sessions of somatics with Jonathan my pains were significantly reduced, and I am continuing to see improvements by practicing the simple ten minute exercise routine everyday. I would definitely recommend Jonathan to people who expreience chronic muscular pain.

Joan Dunlop -  Manager, Surrey

   I'd suffered back pain for four years and sciatica for 1 year and things had got to the point where I could no longer drive long distances, and had to wear a back brace for long stints of teaching or studio work. Manipulative therapies and pilates benefits would last no longer than 20 minutes. I was recommened somatics and after my first session with Jonathan felt a relief and optimism the problem could be fixed. The sessions help me understand how I use my body, how I put it under stress and most importantly how to relax long contracted muscles. The daily exercise routine can be done anywhere, is easy, leaves me flexible and relaxed. My body responds immediately and I am now pain free. Investing in sessions with Jonathan has probably been the most positive thing I have ever done for the health of my body. If you are reading this and suffer any knid of physical pain - BOOK A SESSION NOW!

Claire Benn - Textiles business owner

Four months of pain, inability to do much at all, and having to get up twice a night to relieve my aching back finally led me to Jonathan. I tried doctors, a Chiropractor and a spinal injection, but nothing was helping. Sciatica down the right leg added to the discomfort. After 3 somatic 
sessions and regular somatic exercises things started to improve. My family now recognise me as a fit energetic 70 year old rather than the grouchy 80 year old going on 90!

David Galloway - Wedding Photographer 

   Jonathan's somatic programme has been a revelation. My problem area was lower back, yet Jonathan revealed how tension in my hips, shoulders, neck and ankles were contributing to my pain. The somatic exercises I was taught give me the power to remain pain free, you don't have to be back and forth to a specialist all the time which is great on both my time and finances.
Somatics is the only thing to work for my back pain. I cannot speak highly enough of Jonathan and the programme he has developed for me. I firmy believe Somatics has prolonged my career and improved my performance levels no end.

Ronnie Fletcher - Semi Professional Footballer

Somatics has been great for reducing my recovery times in football. Before discovering somatics, it would take me a good few days until I was able to train or play games again. 
Now by using my daily somatic exercises I am fit and ready to go in no time at all.
I generally feel less stiff and have reduced muscle soreness after games. I highly recommend any footballer or sports person looking to improve their performance levels to contact 

Tommy Black - Former Professional Footballer (Arsenal, Crystal Palace).

   I was recommended Somatics and Jonathan after trying various treaments for my awful back pain which were having no results. I have found the somatic exercises very therapeutic and most helpful in correcting and maintaining a good posture. They are now en grained in to my daily routine and have found my back and core become more flexible and stronger. I certainly think somatics has been of great use to me and I would not think twice in recommending it to fellow back sufferers.

Piers Duggan - Director of Sales and Marketing - Citi Group

Since taking up Hanna Somatics I have found numerous benefits, less muscle stiffness, quicker recovery times, increased flexibility & greater injury prevention. I would strongly recommend it to anybody.

Paul Devlin - Former Professional Footballer (Birmingham & Scotland)

The benefits after only one session of Hanna Somatics were staggering. My whole body felt energised, relaxed & I could see and feel my posture improve. The slow gentle movements encourage my mind and body to act as one unit. This has helped to increase my bodily awareness and change some long-term habits.

Trisha Woolston -  Make-up Artist (Loughton)

Until I was introduced to Hanna Somatics, I had constant painful problems with my back. The daily routine I now follow helps with much more than just my back; it helps me to unwind and de-stress at the end of each day. The gentle movements have helped me stay in better physical and mental shape.

John Stevens -  Partner City Accountancy Practice (London)

Jonathan’s precision & focus throughout the sessions & his total belief in the process has enabled me to progress immensely over the past few months.

Larah Davis -  Master NLP Practitioner & Life Coach (South West London)

The Hanna Somatics hands-on sessions improved my posture and cleared up some long standing back pain. With the gentle daily movements I continue to improve.

Joanna Brown -  Senior Designer (Woodford Green)

As the demands of modern football have increased, the importance of recovery has become even more crucial. Hanna Somatics has contributed greatly to the number of games I have played over the last two seasons. My increased mobility and shortened recovery time have enabled me to remain injury free despite the heavy schedule of domestic and international games.
Jonathan's experience of elite football, coupled with his ability to help me understand my own body, have made Hanna Somatics an integral part of my fitness regime.

Gary Breen - Former Professional Footballer (Sunderland, Republic of Ireland)

Through Hanna Somatics my very bad posture improved considerably within a few sessions. With his thorough and competent approach, Jonathan helped to loosen the constrictions in my lower back so that I could literally feel the warmth of the blood flowing through again.

Charlotte Kreuter -  Housewife (London)

My very first session of Hanna Somatics released the pain and stiffness in my neck and lower back that I had suffered from all my adult life. I continue to use the easy exercises that keep me free from pain and in control of my body instead of my body controlling me.

Hayley Hunt -  Estate Agent (Essex)

My course of sessions with Jonathan has been of great benefit to both my quality of movement
and understanding of my body in motion in my work as a teacher of T'ai Chi. The exercises Jonathan set out have been easy to fit into my daily life, especially as they need no more equipment than loose clothes and my living room rug. As someone with no wish to be dependent on a treatment or intervention, I have been delighted with my Somatic education. It has been empowering, allowing me to gain deeper control and understanding of my own mind/body.
Caroline Ross - T'ai Chi Teacher (Tooting, South London)

Jonathan’s Hanna Somatic Education sessions have been a revelation in improving my awareness, confidence and control of my muscles.
I have now fully recovered from a very painful back injury; the daily exercises are relaxing, easy to follow and effective. I am now totally pain free and have resumed all my sporting activities as though the injury had never occurred.

Preet Dhillon -  (Edmonton, North London)

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