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Sciatica Relief

Sciatica is a problem on the increase in a modern western civilization. Typical symptoms include pain, numbness, pins and needles or tingling, muscular weakness/stiffness and difficulty in contolling certain movement patterns. Pain is often felt in the lower back, buttocks, leg and feet and in most cases on one side of the body. General compression and/or irritation of one of five nerve roots or of the sciatic nerve itself are the reason behind the exeperience of the above symptoms.

But how does this compression/irritation begin? Hanna Somatic Educators understand that any changes to our structure (skeleton) occurs because our function becomes impaired. Poor function can arise from physical and emotional stress. These issues really impact upon the spines ability to undulate freely without restriction as muscles become chronically contracted over time. Contracted muscles can distort our posture, cause pain and fatigue from over use, affect spine/disc function and irriate or compress nerves. Contracted muscles play a major role in a condition such as sciatica, and if left unresolved the condition could worsen.

Hanna Somatic Education can help to change sciatic related pain very quickly. Hanna Somatic Educators are trained to recognise areas of tension in the body that relate to pain/dysfunction. Through an assisted movement process the client will learn how to sense and move their body more deliberately, freely and naturally. Often this process is enough to alleviate pain, and more so if the client practices their daily home exercises that remind the brain how to use muscles with greater efficiency.

 Here is a list of symptoms or issues that can be related to Sciatica and therefore can be relieved/resolved by Hanna Somatic Education (HSE). Please consult your Doctor if you are unsure if a movement based education like HSE is appropriate for your needs or alternatively contact Somatic Living.

Balance problems, Buttock Pain, Gluteal Pain, Hamstring Syndrome, Lower back pain, Nerve Compression, Nerve Entrapment, Nerve Irritation, Numbness, Painful Legs, Pins and Needles, Piriformis Syndrome, Pseudo-Sciatica,  Psoas Syndrome, Tingling.

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