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Arthritic Hip Pain Relief

 There are a whole variety of reasons why a person might be experiencing hip pain. Congenital disorders such as developmental dysplasia (under developed joint) are quite rare and structural by nature. Hanna Somatic Education (HSE) can help to relieve/resolve hip related issues that are functional in origin (contracted muscles), which in turn has affected the structure (bones, joints) of the hip.

HSE believes such issues as Arthritic Hip Pain, Tendonitis, Hip Fractures, Bursitis, Sciatica and Inflammation originate from muscles that have become chronically contracted through trauma, repetitive use, poor posture and/or emotional stress. Chronically contracted muscles can cause pain, fatigue and impinge upon your structures ability to move freely without restriction. Often overlooked by the medical world, tired and overworked muscles play a huge role in the above conditions as it is well known that "function maintains structure", so to follow this rule the contracted muscles must be retrained first.

Via HSE cutting edge technique of working with slow, gentle and carefully planned out movements, each client learns how to take back control of ones muscles (function). The client has an experience of specific muscles or muscle groups contracting and relaxing under their vountary control. Moving in this way (first person), each client interacts with the higher levels of their brain (motor cortex), where tonus of the muscles can be reset to gradually relax. Through this process movement improves, pain levels decrease/disapear and structural imbalances improve.

Here is a list of hip related conditions that can be relieved/resolved via Hanna Somatic Education (HSE). If you are unsure of your issue please contact your Doctor first of contact Somatic Living.

Arthritic Hip Pain, Hip Bursitis, Hip Fractures, Hip Inflammation, Hip Pain, Hip Stiffness, Hip Surgery Prevention, Osteoarthritis, Hip Tendonitis, Post Hip Surgery Rehab,  Psoas Syndrome, Rotated Hips, Sciatica, Snapping Hip, Synovitis, Trochanteric Bursitis.

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