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Hanna Somatic Sessions and Somatic Exercises

What Can You Expect?

The quickest and most effective way for you to experience Hanna Somatic Education is through individual one-to-one sessions with a Hanna Somatic Educator.

Hanna Somatic Sessions typically last between 60-75 minutes depending on your particular needs. We suggest you wear loose, comfortable non-restrictive clothing for ease of movement.

During the session, your (HSE) practitioner will observe your posture as well as monitor different movement patterns in an initial assessment procedure.

During the hands-on part of the Hanna Somatic Session, your practitioner will be guiding you through slow, safe and gentle movements tailored for your specific needs. Each movement is designed to release and reverse chronically contracted muscle groups, thereby increasing your range of movement and comfort.

Your practitioner will also help to highlight your awareness by using just the right amount of touch or pressure to support or guide you, or by verbally coaching you as you move freely and slowly on your own.

During a Somatics Session, Educators use a special form of neuromuscular (mind-body) education known as “assisted pandiculation”. Pandiculation involves a technique of slowly performed full-body muscular contractions and elongations. This truly unique method helps to quickly reduce pain, relieve tension, relax and lengthen muscles and give you a new found sense of control and freedom of movement.

If you are interested in finding out more on the clinical approach to Hanna Somatic Education look here. 

Hanna Somatic Educators abide by a special scope of practice set out by The Novato Institute for Somatic Research and Training. All certified HSE's are listed on the AHSE's certified practitioner list.

Cancellation policy - Clients with previously arranged 1-1 somatic sessions are asked to provide 48 hours notice for cancellations. Sessions that are cancelled or rescheduled any later must be paid in full. Failure to attend a session will also result in full payment.



Hanna Somatic Sessions

Hanna Somatic Sessions

Hanna Somatic Sessions

Hanna Somatic Exercises

Our goals for your self-care program

Hanna Somatic ExercisesAt Somatic Living, our goal is to move you to your own self-care program. You will be given specific daily somatic exercises that not only continue your improvement, but also help to prevent the recurrence of any problems.

These simple but very powerful exercises also known as the “cat stretch” require very little time for you to perform once or twice daily.

The subtle somatic exercises remind your brain how to efficiently use your muscles with the minimum of effort. Only a few repetitions are required using the special first person awareness you explored with your practitioner. You can deppen your awareness of somatic exercises by attending weekly Hanna Somatic classes.

Committing to your Sessions and Daily Somatic Exercises

Hanna Somatic ClassesWe ask you to commit to three sessions during which you can usually expect to notice a significant improvement in comfort, posture, management of stress levels and abiity to move freely.

Your ongoing progress depends greatly upon perfroming your daily somatic exercises. Failure to commit to this daily routine increases the possibility of a return to pain, over efforting and habituated postures. Practicing the exercises twice daily (upon waking and before retiring) if possible, can enable you to live a life free from pain and safe in the knowledge you will age successfully.

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