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Hanna Somatic Conditions

Over the course of our lives we are subjected to varying levels of stress both physical and emotional which we respond to by contracting our muscles. These muscular contractions become so deeply unconscious that eventually we no longer have a freedom to our movement. This is what we term "Sensory Motor Amnesia" (SMA).

The effects of Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA) happen gradually and are often confused with the signs of growing old. We begin to hold ourselves tightly in reaction to pain, injury, habituated postures or emotional stress. We can no longer move about freely because strong reflex messages from our brain cause muscles to be constantly contracted.

Because this event takes place in the central nervous system, we are not aware of it, yet it affects us to the very core. Everything about who we are, what we experience and what we can do, is profoundly diminished by SMA.

Here is a list of conditions we believe “ Sensory Motor Amnesia” plays a role, which can be helped by Hanna Somatic Education.

Conditions include:

This partial list is set out as a guide for you. Please click on the links to get a more detailed version of each condition and find out how Hanna Somatic Education could help. If you are unsure what your condition is, please contact your Doctor or feel free to contact Somatic Living.

Many clients express numerous benefits to Hanna Somatic Education. See the opposite list for examples.


Benefits include:

  • reduced pain
  • release and reverse neuromuscular tension
  • improve mobility and flexibility
  • address and improve posture / appearance
  • increase strength
  • better co-ordination
  • expand breathing
  • enhance physical fitness
  • quicker recovery times
  • greater injury prevention
  • create a new freedom of movement
  • better management of stress
  • increased bodily awareness
  • more focus
  • less anxious/fearful
  • greater confidence
  • enhanced sleep patterns

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