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Frozen Shoulder Pain Relief

 Frozen Shoulder is the name commonly given to the condition Adhesive Capulitis. This means an adhesion of the joint capsule and the bones of the shoulder joint. Symptoms with this issue can range from pain, stiffness, limitation in movement and an inability to lie on the shoulder whilst sleeping. Pain medication or manipulative techniques will offer short term relief, but to chnage the issue long term a re-education of function in the shoulder is required.

Joints of the body become compressed due to chronically contracted muscles, brought about typically by injury, repetitive use or poor posture. Someone complaining of a "frozen shoulder" or pain in that area will often be leaning to one side more than the other. The constant contraction of the latissimus dorsi muscle pulls the arm down and backwards therfore making it very difficult to perform the simplest of actions like lifting your arm. Also, the large chest muscles (pectoralis) and abdominals can affect ones ability to move freely in the shoulder. When contracted and overworked they will pull the shoulder forward in the opposite direction of the latissimus dorsi making it very difficult to have free/controlled movement.

To move freely once again without pain, voluntary control must be restored to the area. This can be achieved via Hanna Somatic techniques which works to stimulate the voluntary levels of the brain (cortex) to overide involunatry signals being sent to muscles to constantly contract. Guided by a skilled practitioner, clients will get a sense of muscular contraction and release in the shoulder and other muscles of the body and also how to do this for themselves at home. When this is achieved muscles relax and normal service can be resumed in joints like the shoulder.

Here is a list of conditions/symptoms connected with the term frozen shoulder that Hanna Somatic Education (HSE) can help to relieve/resolve. Please consult your Doctor if you are unsure if a hands-on movement education like HSE is appropriate for your needs or feel free to contact Somatic Living.

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