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Chronic Back Pain Relief

Most clients arrive with a report or diagnosis from a Doctor or Health Professional regarding their back pain. Details often include some kind of break down to the structure of their spine - for instance, changes to vertebrae, degeneration, disc protrusion/compression and so on. In most cases the client has recieved an X-ray or MRI scan to determine the level of damage to their spine (structure). Although informative, it does not completely solve the puzzle. X-rays or MRI's do not show up the softer tissues of the body (muscles), and therefore a large part of the equation is missing.

Hanna Somatic Educators are trained to recognize areas of muscular tension patterns that has set up as a result of injury, repetitive use, habituated postures or emotional stress. These muscular tension patterns when repeatedly triggered can cause a breakdown to our structure (spine), and play a major role in chronic back pain. By freeing the body from its habituated pattern of contracting muscles, a client can relieve the pressure placed upon the spine and allow a spontaneous adjustment to take place, improving alignment and posture. There can also be other factors such as diet and hydration, but even in those cases the return to proper musculoskeletal functioning can be very helpful.

 See the list below for common types of symptoms related to back pain that Hanna Somatic Education can help to relieve/resolve. If you have received a diagnosis for your back pain and your condition is not listed, please contact your Doctor to ask if Movement Education such as Hanna Somatics is appropriate or alternatively contact us at Somatic Living.

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